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Keep your child’s education on track with our engaging, fun and 100% digital community & curriculum

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The Pillars @ Home delivers world-class education, digitally in a fun, supportive, and loving environment.

Some parents are hesitant to choose online school because it is unfamiliar to them, but once enrolled, they discover how well it can work for their children. The online structure is perfect for families who need the flexibility that allows students to thrive in their development from home.

Simple. Convenient. Affordable.

In more ways than ever before, parents are solving everyday problems with the help of technology. Nearly anything can be delivered to your door, anywhere you may live. Your child's education should be no different. So we made that our mission. The Pillars @ Home is your solution for high-quality early childhood education that sets your child up for a lifetime of success. All made easy, affordable, and accessible from the comfort of home.

In 2020, parents are having to choose between their child's health and the quality of their education. We think you should be able to have both.

Education was designed to be in person, but we have changed with the times. Bring the family together as our little ones grow

We care about your family & have educated over 5000 children just like yours over the last ten years.








All supplies that are needed are included

The Pillars @ Home
Learning Box

Once registered, you will receive your first Pillars@Home Learning Box. These monthly boxes are full of all the curriculum, arts, crafts, science projects, games and so much more that will be utilized each day throughout the month. These daily materials go hand-in-hand with our online virtual learning experience. Our Learning Boxes are full of great educational resources, over $130 in retail value every single month. 

Your child will not only stay on track but set themselves up for future success, all while
bringing the family together as our little ones grow

Choose Your Course

Toddlers & 2’s Program:

18 months- 2 years Focus on fostering interactions through expression, dialogue and motor skills. Through conversation and hands on learning, your child will engage in imagination and exploration.


Kinder Readiness Program

3 years- 5 years  Providing interactive activities with your child’s fundamental skills and discovery. This experience is designed to instill a lifelong love of learning, and lay a foundation for the next learning journey.  


Family Bundle Program

A combination program that offers simplicity and savings for a growing family with multiple ages to bring structure and routine into your home. Together we will create an atmosphere in your home to spark curiosity and build family connections.  




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