We utilize the Experience Early Learning™ System, a research-based program that nurtures the whole child in all areas of development: social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive. The curriculum uniquely weaves 33 key skills into playful games and hands-on projects. Children explore the world through carefully designed thematic investigations. These themes help children know who they are, love others, and make healthy life choices. Each day, the children sing songs, create art, investigate STEAM projects, play math and literacy games, read books, and build friendships.

The Experience God™ curriculum invites children to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, come to understand the love He has for them, and build Christian character. Children engage in discussions and activities based on Bible stories. Through art, songs, and playful games, your child will learn that God is love, just, wise, and all-powerful. The hands-on activities nurture honesty, patience, empathy, forgiveness, and a servant-heart.


STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. The Pillars@Home includes hands-on exploratory science projects, interactive mathematical experiences, and an art-infused curriculum. 


A large collection of research demonstrates that the years before kindergarten – the first 60 months – of a child’s life are critical for the development of language, social-emotional, and cognitive skills. During this time, children’s minds are like sponges as their brain grows in size and the synapsis for healthy communication within the brain are formed.

High quality interaction during these early ages strengthens these synapses and provides the best opportunities for long term development. It is also widely accepted that children that have access to quality early learning are better prepared for the rest of their academic journeys and beyond.

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They tend to do better in elementary school, have better grades in high school, have higher test scores, go to college, receive post graduate degrees, have higher incomes when they enter the workplace. Children that do not participate in an early childhood education program can be up to 18 months behind by the time they get into Kindergarten. The Pillars@Home was a solution developed to help as many families as possible have their children ages zero to four well prepared for school and life regardless if you do not have access to high quality childcare or are making the choice to teach your children yourself.

We are here to support and guide you and your children to success.


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